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The Monster's Cleanup Guy

The Monster's Cleanup Guy

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Pre-order: September 1 - 30th 2023 

Shipping:  October 23rd 2023

Terry works for the monster community. He's their cleanup guy, covering up their misdeeds in order to keep monsters a secret. Terry only operates by two rules; listen to the Lycan king's orders and don't kill any monsters! Terry has trouble keeping his own inner demon contained,  while the Council of Creatures, an all-governing group of monsters, dominates control over the hidden world. A battle is brewing among those tired of the council's rule, who will survive?

Grab a copy just in time for Halloween!

This book collects The Monsters Cleanup Guy issues 1 & 2.  Black and white, 74 pages.

Written by Drew D. Lenhart

Illustrated by Rowel Roque

Published by SnowyWorks

About the creators:

Drew D. Lenhart - Author

Drew has been writing, creating, and publishing since 2017, which began with his own set of anthology stories collected in a book called, Future Sci-Fi Tales.  Since then he's released a number of anthology issues  (science fiction and horror), as well as a number of one-shot books. He currently writes and letters the ongoing sci-fi series, Caspian Porter. Drew currently works his day job as a software engineer and lives in Indiana with his wife and daughters.

Rowel Roque - Artist

Rowel is a talented comic illustrator based in the Philippines.  His credits include illustrating children's textbooks and has done freelance comic work for a local magazine.  Rowel also worked for an animation company as a lay-out artist. His favorite accomplishment is being a family man to a wife and three beautiful daughters.  His passion for the art of drawing is constantly changing as he enjoys finding new ways to improve his style.

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