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The Kingdoms of Ruin Vol. 6

The Kingdoms of Ruin Vol. 6

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FORBIDDEN MAGIC, BLOOD-SOAKED STEELAdonis holds within him a deep yearning for revenge against humanity, while Doroka is a kind soul overflowing with forgiveness. Once reluctant partners, now they’ll have to fight back-to-back if they’re to have any hope of survival. Their journey across the wasteland has been interrupted by the sudden appearance of a Redian assassin–the “White Rabbit” Shirousagi. Immune to Doroka’s magic and empowered by dangerous cybernetic technology, he’s bound to be their most desperate battle yet. Science contends against magic in a tale of despair, regret, and vengeance!

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FOC: 12/05/2022

In Store Date: 05/16/2023

Writer: Yoruhashi


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