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Ragna Crimson 08

Ragna Crimson 08

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In this action-packed dark fantasy, humanity lives under the threat of annihilation by immensely powerful dragons. The dragon hunter Ragna embarks on a revenge-fueled quest to eliminate that threat once and for all!Captivated by the Silverware Princess’s resemblance to a figure from his past, Olto Zora tries to persuade her to join the Blood of the Wing. Taking advantage of his distraction, the Argentum Corps press the attack, putting everything behind a single strike designed to eliminate Taratectra. With the battle entering its final phase, Ragna and the Corps seem to be on the verge of victory…until a shocking new opponent joins the fray!

Additional Information

FOC: 01/09/2023

In Store Date: 02/28/2023

Writer: Daiki Kobayashi

Artist: TBA

Cover Artist: TBA

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