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WINDMAKER TP VOL 02 (C: 0-1-2)

WINDMAKER TP VOL 02 (C: 0-1-2)

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The Republic of Atala's president has turned into a ruthless despot, and one of his most trusted associates, Director Bo, is forced to choose a side in a civil war that threatens to destroy their beloved nation. The spirit of the Windmaker-an ancient and powerful protector of the Atalians-also begins to awaken within Bo. Is this awakening a ray of hope that will pave a path to salvation, or is this an omen signaling the end of a once prosperous country?

o All new graphic novel from YouNeek Studios and Dark Horse!

Additional Information

FOC: 10/31/2022

In Store Date: 2/8/2023

Writer: Okupe, Roye

Artist: Akinboye, Sunkanmi

Cover Artist: Akinboye, Sunkanmi

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