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THUMBS TP (NOV190068) (MR)

THUMBS TP (NOV190068) (MR)

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Adrian Camus, a rockstar tech designer, recruits children who excel at his games into his real-life war against the Power, a group of politicians and advocates aiming to take Camus' tech away from the people. Following a life-altering injury, eponymous recruit Thumbs finds himself torn between two sides of the muddy, escalating conflict. Heartfelt, action-packed, and forward-thinking, THUMBS is the newest hit from SEAN LEWIS and HAYDEN SHERMAN, the team that brought you THE FEW. Collects THUMBS #1-5.

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In Store Date: 12/14/2022

Writer: Lewis, Sean

Artist: Sherman, Hayden

Cover Artist: Sherman, Hayden

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